Large owl scratchboard!


Shipping to United States: Free

This is a three foot long by 12 inch wide scratchboard featuring a night scene with owls on a pine!

My artwork is made entirely with knives! These scratchboards have been rendered line by line to create the image shown. The scratchboard is a Masonite hardboard covered in white clay and then topped off with india ink. Removing the black ink with sharp implements reveals the white below and creates the image shown. This process takes hours and is an exercise in precision. Check out my facebook page for works in progress to learn more! Board to Art: from scratch

This image would be great in a shore home, cottage, snow birds’ nest... or just about anywhere that would make you want to sit back, relax and think of the forest!

Choose from saw whet owls or screech owls! Or let me know which species you would prefer!

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