Shorebirds: 9x24 inch original scratchboards flamingo, brown pelican, great egret, great blue heron, little green heron or roseate spoonbill


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Each scratchboard will be created literally one line at a time. All of my art is made using sharp tools, by scratching into a board covered in white clay and black ink. I scratch away the black ink to create the image in white. Wherever you see color, I have added colored india ink and re-scratched the image to add texture.

Each scratchboard featured in this listing takes over 15 hours to create. Each line will be scratched into the piece, creating a roughly 9x 24 inch image. The board itself is extremely lightweight (masonite) and will be cradled in back to allow the piece to float off the wall and hang beautifully. Framing is also an option -- let me know if you are interested and I will send you information on various options.

All images are coated in 5-10 layers of matte finish to protect and lock in color.

These shorebirds would be great in a shore home, cottage, snow birds' nest... or just about anywhere that would make you want to sit back, relax and think of the ocean!


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