Donkey scratchboard - who doesn't love an ass?


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A cute donkey placed in a handmade floating frame brings together a sophisticated image with a rustic edge. The rough hewn wood has a classic grey stain to be reflective of a barn, creating an illusion of the cutie peeking out of a window or barn stall.

The image is made via a medium called scratchboard: a hard masonite board covered in white clay and black India ink. The ink is scratched away with sharp utensils leaving the white clay behind. The clay is the image shown.

This is an original one of a kind work that will be made for you in a 8x10 inch size. The frame offers a roughly two inch view of the wooden slat surround with a two inch frame edging. Altogether, the piece would be 16 inches high x 20 inches long. It would weigh less than 20 pounds and is wired to hang.

Choose a donkey with a rider (butterfly) or the donkey alone at the time of ordering!!


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